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Please note that this page is for general questions regarding The Guyer Institute. Any life-threatening emergencies should be addressed by calling 911 or visiting the nearest emergency department. We are unable to provide specific medical advice via this page. Thank you for your understanding.

Use of Information Provided to Us Through this Site: The Guyer Institute invites you to submit requests for information through this contact form. Because any information you submit is sent through a mechanism outside The Guyer Institute’s control, we cannot guarantee that such information will not be delayed, accessed, or intercepted by third parties. Once received by The Guyer Institute, any information submitted by you will be used only to respond to your request. Your request and the information included with it will be stored in a manner consistent with the record keeping needs of a medical office. The Guyer Institute will not share or sell your personal information without your written consent.

Thank you for your interest in contacting The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine. We look forward to serving you.

The Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine

836 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240

Phone: (317) 580-9355
Fax: (317) 580-9342

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